Final, finally.

checkbox-303113_960_720Finally done – whew!

Fellow Online 5 Course 5 members – let me congratulate you in a job well done! This part of our amazing learning journey is finishing, while a new journey as harbingers of educational technology and information literacy begins. Yay!! 🙂

I’m stoked to share my final project with you: a journey to start a system of badging in our primary school library. They say you should never work harder than your students, and I can say that badging is a way to totally transfer learning into the hands of capable and willing kiddos. Whether you’re in a library or any other learning setting, badges are an incredible way to foster independence, motivate learners, and get important skills into the hands and hearts of those who need them – i can’t recommend it enough.

Before you go any further though, let me warn you that this project does merely stand on the edge of technology. You see, after starting the process, I quickly learned that in order to even begin working with badging in the younger years (where only a small percentage of our students have a personal digital space) a physical element was first necessary.

But, in the work I’ve done so far, I know I’ve only touched a fraction of the possibilities, and thus comes my honest reflection: this project is amazingly limitless, and with the foundation of physical badges already in place, I’m ready, willing, and eager to see where we can go. Online book reports? There’s going to be a badge for that. Digital citizenship skills? Badge. Mastering research and information literacy as a 21st century digital citizen looking for the truth!?? There will be a plethora of badges for that too! Students coming up with badge ideas, and creating badges to go with? Done and done.

And now, if you’ve got an extra 8:39 to spare, please sit back and relax, and enjoy the COETAIL badging learning journey with me.

So there it is, done and dusted without even really having begun. With my COETAIL community and other inspirational sources to guide me, I’m ready to go on. I can finally stop lurking, and start doing, based on the great work of those who have gone before.

Good luck, COETAILERs! I can’t wait to watch us all change the world, one learner at a time…. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Final, finally.

  1. Joel Bevans

    Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for sharing your project and video. What a brilliant concept to help your very busy library. It really gives your library a community and collaborative feel and empowers the children. I really like how the children are designing the badges too!
    Good luck in your future badge…ing

    1. Wendy Foreman Post author

      Thanks so much Joel! I have a big job, and truly look forward to continuing to use technology in so many different ways once this badging bit has created independent learners who are able to assist in the daily processes. I appreciate your feedback and support – more than I can say!


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